What is pixel tracking?

A tracking pixel is a snippet of html code inserted into a web page that makes a call to a third party server and returns a transparent 1x1 image (usually a GIF).

By using a tracking pixel, you can:

  • track email campaigns
  • track newsletters
  • monitor conversions
  • monitor digital media campaigns
  • monitor 3rd party contents
  • track ecommerce conversions
  • track independently your ppc campaign

More about Pixel Tracking:

Pixel Tracking:
The use of code associated with a single pixel tag (invisible to the user) to monitor the activity of the user, especially his use of advertisements.

Pixel tracking is also known as web bug, tracking bug, web beacon, tracking pixel, page tag, 1x1 gif.

How Mbuto Works

Once you copy-paste the html tag in your content, any user visiting it will trigger a request towards your tracking pixel. Mbuto will track the visit and forward all relevant data to your Google Analytics account.

In this way you can easily monitor creative contents, conversions, posts, comments, emails and in general any HTML content hosted outside from your website.

Mbuto lets you create and deploy a tracking pixel in less than a minute. You will be able to get quick, real time stats from mbuto dashboard or detailed stats directly in your google analytics account.

Mbuto in Action

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